Ama Kodesh – I want a man who can give me s;x 8 times a week

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Ama Kodesh, a Ghanaian woman who goes by this name, is searching for a dominant partner in bed.

She doesn’t just want a powerful man; she also wants one who will be devoted to her climax and provide her with regular sex;al pleasure.

Ama Kodesh stated in a post that she made on social media that any male who is interested must fulfill a crucial need, which is that he should be a s;x addict.

According to her, the fortunate man must be willing to engage in at least eight sexual acts with her every single week in order to win her favor.

Ama Kodesh, twitter

In light of the fact that there are seven days in a week, it ought to be considered overtime.

In a tweet in which she discussed her preferences, Ama Kodesh said that every sexual contact should involve more than four rounds and that each session should last for at least an hour.

Would Ama Kodesh be  able to locate such a man and obtain his services?

In response to the article, a number of guys have boasted about their prowess in the bedroom and discussed how long they can remain sexually aroused.

We will engage in sex;al activity with her within the next week.

Well, several men have reacted to the post by auditing their bedroom skills and bragging about their sexual stamina.

@Moshosho97 wrote: How much u go pay? I deal in that

@icekojo wrote: How much are u ready to pay?

@smrin_ofx wrote: I will give u 20x a day

@iamphylus wrote: A man who would do that for you doesn’t love you Do you want sex only or you want a life ?? Not all men are responsible ppl…some wants youfir the sex n those ,,trust me They don’t love you

@yemboney wrote: My dear, you can get but for how long are your expectations? Maybe for months, you can get it, but for a year and beyond, I am afraid you are not truthful to yourself. Please refine your thoughts.

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