Amber Rose – I Don’t Believe God Exists

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Amber Rose is a well-known American model and television personality. She was born on October 21st, 1983 in the United States.

Rose began a high-profile romantic relationship with Kenye West in 2008, which lasted for two years and resulted in her appearing in advertisements for Kenye West’s Louis Vuitton collection.

Amber Rose, Kenye West,  Wiz Khalifa

After that, in 2009, she became a model and signed a contract with Ford Models.

Amber Rose’s rise to fame was helped along by the fact that she was featured in a great number of hip-hop music videos.

Amber Rose’s parents, Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck, gave birth to her in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Her father is of Irish and Italian descent, and her mother has maternal Scottish ancestry from Ayrshire. Her father is of Irish and Italian descent, and her mother is of Cape Verdean and maternal Scottish ancestry.

She is only related to one brother, who goes by the name Antonio Hewlett. Rose’s home throughout her childhood was in South Philadelphia.

Amber Rose, Kenye West,  Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose, an American model and socialite, recently admitted that she does not believe the concept that God was responsible for the creation of our universe, our earth, or our species.

She is also not of the opinion that the death of Jesus was an act of atonement for the sins of humanity. However, she did add that she is a Buddhist.

During an episode of the podcast titled “It’s Tricky,” Rose stated that the scientific explanation of how humans came into existence is the one that makes the most sense to her. However, she makes it abundantly clear that she does not participate in Scientology in any way.

Amber Rose, Kenye West,  Wiz Khalifa

At least in her opinion, scientific evidence and the theory of evolution are more plausible than other explanations.

She claims that she went to church when she was younger, and that her mother warned her not to watch certain television shows because they were associated with “the devil.” However, now that she is an adult, she claims that she has more questions about religion than she has answers to those questions.

Amber Rose explains why Buddhism is more her style than other religions by stating that it is more philosophy than religion, which is exactly up her alley. This is exactly why Buddhism is more her style than other religions.

After seeing Amber Rose for the first time in Ludacris’ music video for “What Them Girls Like,” which was released in 2008, Kanye West and Amber Rose started dating the following year.

Kanye West broke off his two-year relationship with Rose to marry reality TV star Kim Kardashian, which threw their previous relationship with the socialite into disarray.


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