Election: Charles Fanti Commissioned To Compose Kumchacha’s Political Party Song

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Election: An election is a formal group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual or multiple individuals to hold public office.

It came as a shock to many Ghanaians when Prophet Nicholas Osei popular known as Prophet Kumchacha disclosed his idea of contesting the 2024 elections.

In an interview, Kumchacha disclosed that he had that ambition in 2012 but was too late to submit his documents, hence the 2024 elections he will not slow things like he did some years ago.

Election, Charles Fanti, Kumchacha


In a chat which was sighted by bbckumasi, Prophet Kumchacha named Charles Fanti to write his political party song for him.

Election, Charles Fanti, Kumchacha

Kumchacha as a prophet, many people were waiting to hear names like Diana Asamoah, Obaapa Christy, Brother Sammy and many others.

But he went on to name Charles Fanti, the most wanted musician in Ghana now, as the one to write his party “KUM People’s Party” political song for him and his party members.

Charles Fanti is already the talk of Ghana music now, many will ask who is he? Where is he from? What makes him extraordinary?

It’s not easy for upcoming musicians to get massive airplay both local and international and also topping music charts week in and week out.

Charles Fanti recently released his debut song “Sake Of Love” under his new record label Gavali Music.

Sake Of Love is one of the most talked-about and most played songs in Ghana now both on radio and night clubs.

Many music legends and DJ’s are already in love with Charles hoping he takes Ghana music forward and also challenges for BET and brings home the Grammy award one day.


Kumchacha’s decision to contest the 2024 election is based on how the country is undeveloped because of bad governance, he urged all Ghanaians to do away with the politics of NPP and NDC vote for him.

Election, Charles Fanti, Kumchacha

KUM People’s Party in short ‘KPP’ is a better position to offer Ghanaians that desirable leadership. That is what i want to offer. I want to offer solutions to our problems, Kumchacha stated.


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Source: bbckumasi

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