Clothing: 5 Simple Fashion Tips For Ladies

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 Clothing is very essential in  everybody’s life, without  clothes we will go naked and our skin will be unprotected from the hot sunlight and also for the cold, yet aside wearing clothes to protect us from the sun and the cold, clothes are worn to also make us feel good and also for occasion, so when you put a piece of clothing ,it certainly will serve a purpose.

 Clothing also means something that covers or clothes our body; wearing apparelclothes; garments

 Clothes are very critical when they’re being worn for outings or occasions, because, wearing clothes without having a conscious reason for wearing, can make you look either overdressed or underdressed, and this could expose you to ridicule and mockery.

Imagine wearing a pyjamas to work, or wearing a nightgown to the shopping mall,

you will look awkward and weird people may not approach you directly, but certainly question themselves about your motive for wearing these clothes or wear.

So in this article ,I want to talk about clothes, and more especially, clothes that will be best for ladies or women, for different occasions and sites or locations, because you don’t just wear anything anywhere ,just because you have clothes filling up your wardrobe or closet.

Let’s get on to it and see {some clothing tips}


It will be very essential to know where you are and where you will be before choosing the kind of clothes to put on.

This year 2022 let’s look at some of the best wears for ladies , for different locations and occasions or environments 

1 When going to church ;

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When a lady is going g to a religious event, it very important to make sure she carefully select a the most appropriate outfit  that will fit into the environment( religious), like a church service, night vigil, crusade, convention, pilgrimage etc, The lady must wear less exposing clothes, so that the part of her body that can entice men will covered,  also wearing very tight, body clenching clothes to religious events is a very big turn off and must not be practised at all.

So now what is the best dress a lady must wear for a religious meeting this 2022, here are a few.:-  

Straight dress that extends below the knees 

Long skirts with deep colours that cannot be seen through and long sleeved blouses that cover the elbows 

Trousers that are quite loose with and top or blouse that falls below the buttocks  in order to cover their bums(buttocks)from being too exposed to others in that environment .

2 In a working environment (work) :-

 When ladies are going to work , it is necessary  that they wear very professional outfits , with less body exposure, although most workplaces have their dress code, and some may lead ladies to wear clothes that make them look seductive.

So what is the best wear for a lady going to work;

Skirts that lie not too far from the knee and blouse that don’t expose the body too much 

Trousers that go down to ankle, and a top that covers 80% of the lady’s upper body 

Straight dresses  that are sewn from very thick fabrics,  which go down below the knees and close to the ankle, can be sleeves but the cleavage must be covered 

3 When going to the Supermarket :-

Going to the market or supermarket doesn’t really require any special dress code since it is a very social place with a different mood and different circumstances.

So when going to the Supermarket a lady may try these;

Jeans with a T-shirt and light footwear

Skirt sewn from thick material / Jeans  skirt and any stylish blouse that doesn’t expose the lady’s  nudity 

Straight dresses that go below the knees sewn from thick material, and some straight dresses  too are made from Jean’s material that too can appropriate ,because the goal is not to cause indecent exposure while in public 

4 When going for outing with a friend or having a friends time out ;

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A lady going out with her friends to have a good time out can pick a very good designer wear or customised clothing to wear,

Straight dress that is either made from customised fabric 

Jeans and blouse or customised shirt from a designer also depend on the weather too.

5 When going for Occasions;-

When going for occasions ladies are most lucky with the choice of wear because they have a wide range of styles and patterns to choose from, be it designer  clothes, tailor made clothes or custom made clothes, but as usual we have some ideas to share;

Straight dress neatly and carefully sewn by a dress that fits the body of the lady, this dress mostly doesn’t or shouldn’t have restrictions because, be it wedding, or a social occasion , funeral etc it won’t be much of a nuisance  if the lady exposes a little skin.

Skirt with blouses either bought from the clothes store that maps out the lady’s  most shape or the one that is sewn by the dressmaker anyway, that skirt and blouse must fit the stature and body shape of the lady to hide elegance.

Trousers with a long top that covers uphill the waist, with this too exposing some skin won’t be too bad since the occasion too may validate it.

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