Emmanuella Breaks Silence Over Her Secret Marriage With Ned Nwoko

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Emmanuella Samuel is a young Nigerian female comedienne and actress who appears in the popular Mark Angel comedy series that can be found on Facebook and YouTube.


After posting a brand new TikTok video, Nigerian teen comedienne Emmanuella has given potential suitors a reason to take a second look at her. This is due to the fact that she is quite funny.


In the latest video, Emmanuella exposes more of her body in response to claims that a Nigerian businessman named Ned Nwoko was interested in marrying her.


She has caused a sensation on social media by posting a video of herself on TikTok in which she is clothed in skimpy clothing that exposes her alluring curves and alluring physique.

One of the internet users had made the observation that Ned Nwoko would never be able to resist the desire to marry Emmanuella.

Emmanulla, who as a child prodigy amazed millions of people with her contagious dramatic plays, written and performed in collaboration with Mark Angel a number of years ago, has matured into a stunningly attractive adult woman.


Even if Ned Nwoko is in the area, Emmanuella doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that she is proudly posting pictures of her body on the internet for both her followers and her rivals to enjoy.

Emmanuella, Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels

Emmanuella Samuel, a teenage comedian and superstar in Nigeria, has finally commented on the rumors that Ned Nwoko proposed marriage to her. The rumors have been circulating for quite some time.


There have been persistent reports circulating on the internet for the past five days suggesting that the politician, who is already married to Regina Daniels, is attempting to marry the adolescent kid sensation.

Emmanuella, Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels

The rumors further stressed that Ned Nwoko is currently in negotiations with Emmanuella’s family in order to get her into the large number of wives he already has.


It says that Ned is prepared to make a new offer that will result in Emmanuella’s being moved from Port Harcourt to Asaba as part of a marriage contract.

Emmanuella, Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels

On the child comedian’s official Facebook page, a fan took things a step further by asking if it is true that her family is already submitting a marriage list to Ned Nwoko. This was done in an effort to take things to the next level.

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