I never thought of becoming a musician – Charles Fanti

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Charles Fanti, a Ghanaian musician, recently confessed that during his upbringing, he rarely entertained the idea of becoming a musician.

He revealed the information in the course of a private conversation he was having with a close friend.

A culture that is widely prevalent in Ghana is one in which many students, when asked about their ideal careers, frequently name vocations that require white collar work.

He claimed that he was the same as everyone else during his childhood, but that he eventually decided to go into business for himself in his adult years.

“When I got into secondary school, coming into university, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I wanted to be a business mogul,” he disclosed. “I wanted to be a business mogul.”

‘A career in music was never something I imagined for myself,’ Charles Fanti revealed during a secret chat with his close friend.

Charles Fanti is still considered one of Ghana’s most promising artists, and his music has won the affection of a great number of people.

Since releasing MOMO and Sake Of Love under Gavali Music, Charles Fanti has been on countless music chats and just recently Atinka TV played his newly released project “MOMO” during their popular show “Di Asa“.

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