I’m Ready For Love Again – Vee Declares

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Vee, whose actual name is Victoria Adeleye, is a Nigerian singer and a former housemate on the sixth season of Big Brother Naija. She recently broke up with her boyfriend Neo Akpofure and has stated that she is ready to move on to a new love relationship.

You may remember that Vee and Neo, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, were in a romantic relationship both inside and outside the BBNaija house for quite some time, but they broke up after a few months due to conflicts that couldn’t be resolved.

She wrote the following when responding to rumors regarding the end of their relationship:

“Mind your own fucking business,” the person said. When I arrived at home, you were already here, weren’t you? Are you currently present with me? Are you going to take a shower with me? You don’t sleep with me, do you? I have never used any kind of social media to reveal anything about my personal life, and I have no plans to start doing so now,”


“If you want my counsel, it’s to stay out of my business. Everyone will have an easier time of it if they just keep their own business and don’t interfere with others. Now here you are, causing a disturbance in my direct messages.”


Having said that, the reality TV personality Vee mentioned in her most recent post on Instagram that she is giving herself a second chance at finding love.

Vee wrote, “I think I am ready for love again.”

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