Kanye Yeezy: Kanye West Launches New Yeezy Foam Helmet

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Kanye Yeezy Foam Helmets Twitter


Neon Dazer’s new Yeezy Foam helmet, which was inspired by Kanye, has gone viral on Twitter.

The peculiar shape of the Yeezy helmet has sparked online speculation about its genesis tale, with theories ranging from Resident Evil to Pokemon!

But is this brand-new helmet, inspired by Kanye West, genuinely on the market or is it still just an idea? Continue reading to learn about the problems with the newest online craze.


The most recent trend on Twitter is the Kanye West-inspired Yeezy Foam Helmet


The Internet is obsessed with a Kanye-inspired Yeezy Foam Helmet made by digital artist Neon Dazer aka Max Arnautov, who is recognized for his 3D art and digital pattern creation.

Because it is made of foam, the futuristic-looking design in Kanye’s distinctive beige color feels comfortable to wear even with the wild design.

Given that the rapper has worn odd masks on relatively few occasions to date, Kanye fans may easily visualize it as a part of his actual wardrobe.

Twitter users desire that the helmet be included in the actual Yeezy line-up

Twitter users speculated that a helmet foam mask would perfectly fit in a Yeezy collection as the idea became popular.

Regarding the brand new design, someone posted:

“I never knew I needed a yeezy foam helmet.”


“I need a yeezy foam helmet to unlock my super producer powers,” one different tweet read.

An identical tweet read: “the foam helmet will be my first purchase from Yeezy!”

A fourth particular person shared:

Kanye West in different masked eras

Kanye West in his artistic expression. The red Maison Margiela masks, the Golden Maison Margiela masks in 2014, the Black Maison Margiela masks, his Batman masks, and others are some of his most well-known masks.

Check out this thread of pictures of Kanye wearing various masks.

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