Kennedy Agyapong – Bawumia and Alan will not stand a chance in my 2024 presidential race –

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Kennedy Agyapong, a Ghanaian politician and businessman, is the New Patriotic Party’s representative in Ghana’s parliament for Assin Central. When he was first elected to parliament in 2000, he represented the district of Assin North.

In advance of Ghana’s upcoming presidential elections, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, has emerged as a potential candidate for the position of flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In an interview with Suncity Radio, Kennedy Agyapong, who recently announced his decision to run for the NPP election, stated that he would have no trouble defeating Alan Kyeremateng and Dr. Bawumia. Agyapong made this claim shortly after announcing his intention to run.

He reiterated that he will defeat John Dramani Mahama, who is expected to be the candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress in 2024, just as easily as he will defeat any other opponent.

“In regards to Mahama, he is an essential component. I am going to trounce him. I will soundly defeat Mahama in every way because he has let down the northern region. I will easily defeat the vice president if you bring him here. I am going to dominate Dr. Bawumia in every way.

The Member of Parliament for Assin North, Dr. Bawumia, stated that recent events that have hurt Ghana’s economy have made him unpopular and that it would be a danger for the NPP to put him forward as a candidate for the presidency.

During his eight years in government, he has been tremendously successful. Only 3% of vice presidents who served in their position for at least eight years before attempting to ascend to the presidency were successful. Why would NPP put itself in such a precarious position? Because of this, I decided to come in. It’s a shame because Dr. Bawumia is a nice man, but the worldwide recession and the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine have made every administration unpopular. Consequently, why do you wish to put yourself in such danger? Because of this, I have decided to compete, “he continued.

Because his efforts for the party over the years have been unparalleled, he believes that there is no one more qualified to be the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) than himself. He stated that the fact that he was a founding member of the NPP is irrelevant to this discussion.

In the year 1990, we were the company’s founders. Adu Boahen was the recipient of my initial gift of $300,000.00. Who are they to suggest that he has a stronger membership in the party than I do? Who is asserting that they should take the lead at this point? Which man in the party has contributed more financial resources to the party than Kennedy Agyapong? “Which man has dedicated himself to defending the party and has been vilified for that more than Kennedy Agyappng?” He was questioned. “Which man has committed himself to defend the party and has been vilified for that more than Kennedy Agyapong?”

The member of parliament reaffirmed that he is unwavering in his determination to win the presidency and that he believes his administration will usher in an era of increased economic growth and employment prospects for the nation.

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