Love and Lust: The True Difference Between The 2

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Love and lust may feel very similar at first, but there are some significant differences between them. If you’re feeling confused about the difference between love and lust, don’t worry; once you know the answer to that question, it will be easy to see the distinction between the two feelings! Read on to learn more about what the difference between love and lust really is.

love and lust

Emotional responses
When you love someone, you care about their wellbeing and often put their needs above your own. You’re also more likely to be understanding and supportive when they make mistakes. In contrast, when you’re in lust with someone, you may be more willing to overlook their flaws or see them as charming. You may also find yourself constantly thinking about them or feeling jealous when they’re around other people. Lastly, love is often described as a deep feeling of affection, while lust is often seen as a more physical desire.

love and lust

Physical Responses
When you love someone, you are more likely to have an increased heart rate and higher levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is sometimes called the cuddle hormone because it is released when people hug or cuddle. It has also been linked to stress relief. On the other hand, lust is often accompanied by an increase in testosterone. This hormone is associated with ss drive and aggression.

How it’s different for men
When it comes to love and lust, men and women often view things differently. For men, lust is often physical. They may be attracted to a woman’s looks or body and want to have sex with her. While love can also be physical, it’s more than just sexual attraction.

Men who are in love with a woman may appreciate her beauty, but they also value her intelligence, sense of humor, and other qualities that make her a special person. They want to be with her because they enjoy her company and feel a deep connection with her.

love and lust

How it’s different for women
When it comes to love, women are often more in tune with the emotions and feelings that come along with it. For them, love is often more about the intimate connection and emotional bond that is formed. Lust, on the other hand, is more focused on physical attraction and sezual desire. While love can certainly involve sex, it doesn’t have to be in order for it to be true love.


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