Makeup: See what your favorite stars look like when they don’t wear makeup

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Makeup and facial makeup products are products that are used to color and highlight facial features. Make up and facial makeup products are also referred to as cosmetics.

They can either directly add or change the color, or they can be applied over a foundation that serves the purpose of making the color even and smooth. Both of these options are available.


The following is a collection of some of your favorite Ghanaian celebrities when they do not wear makeup.


The reality of a celebrity’s life is neatly and purposefully covered in a cosmetic display of glamour designed specifically for the screens and to compete. This is done in order to maintain the celebrity’s status as a public figure.

Because of this, celebrities are quite picky about how they present themselves in terms of their appearances, personalities, and overall demeanor.

in most cases, they do it to get one up on their rivals, the fact that they spend the money, time, and effort to look their best acts as a source of inspiration for those of a younger generation.

Aside from the glitz and glamour of social media, celebrities are just humans like the rest of us when you get down to it.

In point of fact, people experience a number of situations in which they do not look their very best; circumstances in which their natural beauty does not always look as fantastic as their cosmetic glam.
You’ve undoubtedly been looking at some really cool pictures of your favorite celebs on your phone, but I think it’s important for you to understand that very few of them are even passable looking when they don’t have any makeup on.


Let’s have a look at the natural beauty of the faces of some of your favorite female celebs who have never worn makeup.


1. Nana Aba Anamoah

Makeup, Celebrities with no makeup
As a highly respected member of the public, Nana Aba Anamoah does, in fact, rely considerably on makeup to achieve her desired appearance.

When she removes her makeup, she suddenly appears strange, common, and unsophisticated. This happens whenever she does it.


2. Berla Mundi

Makeup, Celebrities with no makeup
There is a subtle distinction that can be seen between her face with and without makeup when she smiles.

Even though she applies makeup to enhance her image as a journalist, Berla Mundi does not require a significant amount of it in order to stand out.

Even in photographs where she isn’t wearing any makeup, it’s clear that she has a pretty face.


3. Serwaa Amihere

Makeup, Celebrities with no makeup
When Serwaa Amihere removes her makeup, she actually does not have a terrible appearance.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that if she were to remove it, her appearance would be significantly diminished.

This is the reason why you will never see her in public without her face being painted with makeup or other cosmetics. That is the source of her confidence and the brightness she exudes.


4. Naa Ashorkor

Fans and even close friends couldn’t recognize Naa Ashorkor when she tried to reveal her true self.

When she chose to remove her make-up, her face appeared strange and out of place.

For fear of being mocked or perhaps not appearing at her best, she heavily relies on cosmetics.


5. Fella Makafui

The dark stains on Fella Makfui’s face were thick and sticky, emphasizing the fragility of her facial structure.

Since the colors and markings on her face are so noticeable, she wears makeup to cover them up, which diminishes her self-confidence as a woman.

Makeup has shown time and time again that Fella Makafui looks terrible and unrecognizable without it.


6. Afia Schwar

Afia Schwar covers up her real face for the camera by making it look better.

Without this, she doesn’t look nearly as good as she could.

The makeup helps to hide her flaws, like the black spots, wrinkles, and rough texture of her skin.

If you look closely at her Instagram photos and compare them to what she looks like in real life, you’ll quickly see that she’s not as glamorous as she seems.

7. Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay works hard to preserve her hairstyle, but she hides her face with makeup.

Wendy Shay has a rough face, so she uses makeup to appear better.

She has attempted to conceal her true facial structure by hiding behind colors and tints in public appearances and images.


8. Shatta Michy

On the other hand, she does heavily depend on makeup in order to accentuate her appearance.

When she decides to forgo the use of makeup, she transforms into a person who is almost unrecognizable.

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