Prophet Kofi Oduro Drops Doom Prophecy About The IMF Bailout

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Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, has been sent to Ghana’s Jubilee House of Assembly. According to him, the president should be made aware of these messages as quickly as possible.

Prophet Kofi Oduro is a dynamic and prolific preacher who teaches the word of God with Power, Clarity, deep insights and revelations. 

To get those messages to the Jubilee House, the man of God preached for over thirty minutes this

The Jubilee House has finally been separated from God, according to him. The Jubilee House is no longer a place of righteousness, he said.

A return to Jubilee House will only occur if the President and his cabinet members immediately repent, according to the prophet. How will a country like Ghana, which relies on its abundance of natural resources, approach the IMF for a bailout?

The prophet Kofi Oduro added that if nothing is done, the country will suffer a massive famine. He said that even if the country goes to the International Monetary Fund, it will still face hardships.

‘This is jubilee house,’ I say. God has withdrawn from you and his people.

How can you get to the IMF? It’s not just a policy, as you may believe. The Jubilee house has been demolished and replaced. Now is the time to repent because there will be more famine to come.

In the absence of your Prophets, NPP, where are you? Are your Prophets governed by a political party? Make yourself aware of your transgressions against God if no one has told you. I’m here to express God’s thoughts. ‘Everyone is struggling because of a small group of people,’ he asserted.

As a citizen of this country do you think the IMF will help Ghana or do you think we should try the e-levy?

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