Relationship: 3 Things Every man owes it to women to communicate with them

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Consider the 21st century to be an ecosystem, specifically an ecosystem comprised of humans. When you act weak or become too human, you put yourself in danger of being devoured.

A man under this system is required to have a method of his own devising in order to obtain his prey.

So, in order to help you obtain your prey (women) or keep them if you already have one, I’m going to let you in on a few little white lies here and there.

Forget anything you’ve heard about “don’t lie to women,” because it won’t have any effect.

It is quite similar to when she says to you, “I need attention,” and when you provide it to her, she starts to become used to you; eventually, you will become a tolerable nuisance for her.


Lie Number 1:

I prefer taking my time. If she asks you, “what are we?”

Relationship, Liesregardless of whether you exhibit it consciously or unconsciously, she is trying to gauge how enthusiastic you are. Tell her that you enjoy taking your time and asking questions.


Lie Number 2

I prefer it when things develop on their own.” It’s important not to move the relationship along any faster than she is. In spite of the fact that you plant the idea that everything is unplanned in her head, it is, in fact, well organized.

Relationship, Lies

Lie Number 3

I am now dating and having conversations with other women.

Make sure that you have already established your macho discipline with her before discussing anything of this nature with her.

This will cause her to be perplexed, leading her to believe that you are dating other people at the same time.

Ladies enjoy a good competitive game and will go to almost any length to improve their chances of success.

Take into consideration that none of the things I’m going to tell you are completely false; rather, they all include some element of truth.

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