Singer, Jhené Aiko’s ‘luxury car stolen while grabbing dinner with family in LA

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American singer, Jhené Aiko was targeted by thieves in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 25.


The Sativa artist’s Range Rover SUV was stolen while she and her parents were having dinner at the Tasty Noodle House in west LA, according to TMZ. 


Police papers revealed the B.S. artist dropped off her key with the valet at the popular restaurant, but saw her 2020 white Range Rover drive away about 30 minutes later. 


Jhené told officers she didn’t think much of it at the time, believing the valets were moving the car.


However, when she went to collect the vehicle, it was gone. 


Investigators said there was a spare key in the car that made it easier for the crooks to make a clean getaway.



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