Trouble For Kofi Adoma As His Wife Threatening To Divorce Him

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Mrs. Miracle Adomah, who is married to Kofi Adomah, has become an overnight sensation due to the fact that her husband celebrated her on his birthday rather than himself.

Kofi Adomah shared on his birthday how his wife has been there for him ever since they first met 19 years ago, despite the fact that he has made several mistakes throughout their relationship.

He spoke about how she had given him his first house despite the fact that he was using her money to shack up with other women. He said that she had been very generous.

Because of this incident, Mrs. Miracle Adomah has become one of the most “wanted” people on Ghana’s social media, which is particularly surprising given that her identity has been hidden for a number of years.

And out of nowhere, Afia Schwarzenegger has come up to make a number of incriminating revelations about Kofi Adoma, claiming that Kofi had at one point been impregnated her friend Sandra, who lived in London.

In addition, Afia Schwarzenegger showered Kofi Adoma with curses simply for the reason that Kofi spent a significant amount of time talking to Abrokwa about her marital problems over a period of weeks.

As a direct consequence of this, Kofi made the decision this evening to go live on Facebook to explain himself. His goal was, among other things, to bring clarity to the situation.

However, his new wife, who goes by the name Miracle, called her husband, Mr. Kofi Adoma, and instructed him to stop doing the Facebook Live broadcast or else she would come to the studio to cause mayhem.

Miracle gave her instructions via phone call.

Get to know Kofi Adoma

Stephen Kofi Adoma, better known by his professional name, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, is a philanthropist, educator, and journalist who hails from Ghana.

He is employed at the Angel Broadcasting Network as the director of news at the present time.

He started Kofi TV and serves as its CEO at this point. He was born in the city of Berekum. In 2004, he married the actress Miracle Adoma.

In Ghana, Kofi began his professional life working as a qualified educator. After teaching for a few years, he found that he was more interested in the field of journalism.

He began his career in radio hosting at Shalom Radio in Berekum, then moved on to Volta Star Radio (GBC Ho), Fox FM in Kumasi, and finally Hot FM in Accra.

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